Ferrous Scrap Metal

In the scrap metal trading industry, Soonkim is a renowned front runner for the acquisition, processing and distribution of ferrous scrap metal. Our central philosophy is about transforming waste into valuable commodities so that we contribute towards promoting sustainable industrialization through circular economy. At the forefront of innovation and efficiency in terms of ferrous scraps metals, Soonkim has made its name by providing highest level recycling solutions to diverse clients all over the world such as smelters, foundries and manufacturers.
Our inventory contains numerous types of ferrous scrap metal such as heavy melting steel, light iron and cast iron among others. These materials are carefully processed to meet our customer’s stringent specifications in order to fit seamlessly into their production cycles. The facilities use modern technology to sort, clean and size the scrap enhancing its value and recyclability.
At Soonkim therefore we strive to establish long term relationships with our suppliers and customers based on trustworthiness, reliability and mutual growth. We have a dedicated team of professionals who have deep knowledge in relation to ferrous scrap metal market trends who work round the clock trying to keep pace with these changes. This way of doing things enables us to maintain competitive pricing levels, ensure timely delivery as well as develop customized client solutions.
In addition as a conscious green company; we conform ourselves to strictest principles of sustainability and environmental friendliness in all our activities. In this way we recycle not only ferrous metal but also natural resources hence reducing significantly greenhouse gases which would otherwise cause global warming thereby making it more healthy for people.
Soonkim Company is more than just a scrap metal trading firm but it represents a major player in driving towards a more sustainable future that is efficient globally. By concentrating on ferrous scraps metals exclusively, we continue setting pace for innovation, sustainability as well as economic value hence continuing impacting stakeholders within the industry at large.

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