Scrap Copper

Soonkim Company is in the lead when it comes to innovation and efficiency in global scrap metal trading industry. We are known for our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our main area of expertise lies in harnessing the untapped potential of scrap copper, turning this readily available material into a crucial component for various industrial needs like electrical engineering and renewable energy.
Soonkim appreciates its stringent quality assurance procedure. Each consignment of scrap copper has to go through a thorough examination process aimed at ascertaining that it meets our strict requirements with regard to purity and composition. As a result, we are able to provide the best quality of scrap copper that is conductive and recyclable enough thus promoting circular economy and reducing carbon emissions during metal production.
Our operations are worldwide hence we have networks across continents that guarantee a seamless supply chain that ensures timely delivery of copper scarp to our customers globally. Therefore, soonkim is strategically positioned as one of the key players in the industry of buying or selling scrap metals whose understanding on how market dynamics work guarantees successful navigation within complex international trades which adhere to ethical business practices.
Our operation is centered on innovation. Soonkim employs state-of-the-art technologies together with data analytics so as to optimize procurement and distribution processes while increasing efficiency levels with waste minimization measures being put in place. This approach maximizes not only the value derived from copper scrap but also pushes the industry towards more sustainable mode of operation.
To sum up, Soonkim Company is driven by three core principles namely excellence, innovation, and sustainability within the context of global scrap metal trade. Thus, instead of simply dealing with old metals, what we are doing here is actually redefining how they will be recycled in future for an ecological world order based on quality, efficiency, and ecological responsibility.

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